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MH- Koizumi, Shizuka by Azuyasai MH- Koizumi, Shizuka by Azuyasai

//sCREAMING I GOT ACCEPTED :iconhandspazzplz: 
I'd love to rp with people ; v ; drop me a note or ask for my skype!! 

Another rp group //laughs spring-tea persuaded me to join with her :iconheplz:

This is for :iconmiyagawa-high: honhon :iconlazeblushplz:

Name: Koizumi, Shizuka
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 2nd January 
Year: 2nd 
Height: 160cm || 5'3"
Gender: Female 
Residence: Home 
Club: Dance 

Personality: Assertive || Carefree || Playful || Stubborn || Knows how to play her cards right || Sweet || Slight superiority complex

Shizuka is a ver sweet, down to earth girl who loves to socialise and meet new people. She has a lot of confidence in herself and who she is, so she tends to take snide commentary and bad rumours lightly. Shizuka seizes any opportunities that come her way and she knows how to get what she wants, but she does so without harming the other persons involved. On top of that, she strives to be better than everyone else and likes a little friendly competiton now and again. But when you get to know her, she's a very genuine, honest person who cherishes her friends. 

❤ Teasing other people
❤ Staying up late
❤ Competitive people
❤ Cute phone charms
❤ Fast food
❤ Shoujo manga
❤ Flowers
❤ Alien theories 
❤ Star gazing 
❤ Changing her hair style
❤ Hair accessories
❤ Guessing people's life stories

♡ Delinquents
♡ Junk mail
♡ Over dramatic people
♡ Extreme weather conditions
♡ Strong smelling perfume 
♡ Finicky behaviour
♡ Talking about the future


Shizuka was born as the eldest daughter in a family of four; herself, her mother, her father and her younger brother Shiro. Shizuka's parents were childhood sweethearts and didn't hesitate to marry as soon as they graduated high school. Unfortunately for them, the news didn't go down well with their parents or their peers and the two of them were constantly looked down on. They didn't let the criticisms get to them though. Instead, they worked hard to earn enough money to provide for a family and three years later, Shizuka was born.

Throughout middle school, Shizuka was quite popular amongst her classmates thanks to her approachable and carefree attitude. Her teachers weren't so fond of her, mainly because she had trouble concentrating in lessons and didn't have an aspiration for the future by her last year in middle school. She wasn't too bothered about the comments made about her, as a child she was taught to ignore what other people had to say about her. But seeing that everyone else had some sort of ideas about what they wanted to do as an adult, Shizuka felt the need to try harder. Before she left middle school, Miyagawa High was recommended to her by her teachers due to its good reputation. Since she hadn't thought about any other high schools, her and her family relocated to Hida-shi that summer and she enrolled as a student at Miyagawa.



Father— Hiroki Koizumi (38)

Mother— Erika Koizumi (38)

Younger brother— Shiro Koizumi (10)


Kei Tsukishiro— Neighbour and housemaid //chOKES
Souta Kaneshiro— Classmate who she likes to pick on frequently LOL 
Hyobe Yasuhiro— Love life advice senpai 
Sayo Ishida— Nice girl who she offered dance lessons to~
Akio Ishida— Hero-san who saved her from delinquents
Mamoru Fujii— A strange guy who took her by surprise by stealing her first kiss
Sayuri Tachibana— Really dramatic senpai who helped clear up her nosebleed
Akano Tohzaka— Dance club leader-san 
Hari Shizuka— A fellow 'Shizuka' the saner Shizuka //kiCKED

Additional Info:  

★ She's a really messy person 
★ Tends to have nose bleeds when it's humid
★ Her favourite colour is orange 
★ Never been abroad 

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